Learn to sell


Learn to sell

  • 1.You need to register and apply for a vendor! (No personal or confidential information is required)
  • 2. Set up your shop
1. Enter your PayPal email to receive payments
2. Shop Country
3. Shop Name
4. Description for you

See your shop

  • 3. Set up your profile
insert a profile photo
insert a cover photo
  • 4. Publish your first product for sale
Enter name of product (Only the name!)
Describe the product
Use Meta Seo BenignSource for custom Title, Description and Keywords ( Optimization of your product in search engines )
Example: Aiwa AD-F770 For Sale
Price for your product
Method of payment
Condition of the product
Select the countries to which you send
Delivery price
Description of the condition of the product

Select a category for your product
Select the front photo and product gallery

That is all